Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tia Anna's Visit

My sister Anna made the trek between the 'villes last weekend- her first time since I've been married & moved in to our home! It was her Fall Break and she came with her buddy Caiti to visit over the weekend. It was great to have extra hands to hold the little Munchkin- she definitely enjoys being HELD. And I got to show Anna my house, my park, my city & even my church on Sunday. We watched House MD, and a new show, Lie to Me (pretty cool- I watched another episode today), oh yes and CSI all together as a "movie." Anna & Caiti about died when they saw we were going to watch it on our laptop, lol. THAT's why we all had to fit on our couch. And we did just fine. I also took the girls down Bardstown Rd, with Éowyn in her Ergo Carrier, on a mission to find cool birthday gifts for the skads of b-days in October... we were largely successful... then Ryan drove us all to SteinMart where they were having a HUGE sale. We picked the right day, that's for sure! Anyway, I wasn't totally back to my old self, but they were very understanding and didn't mind letting me take frequent rest breaks. Anna even cleaned my entire kitchen while I took a nap. Now THAT was a good present!! :)

I'll miss those girlies and hope they come visit again soon!

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Ashley said...

Nothing like baby sisters, huh? :o)