Saturday, October 17, 2009

Girls' Day Out

Éowyn & I had a great day with the girls today. FINALLY a sunny, crisp day! Though it has since turned windy and cold...

Around 10:45, I bundled Enna up in her Ergo carrier and we walked through the morning -sunshiny- park to our friend Libbie's house, where my friend Melissa was having a baby shower. She's the last from our "Newly-Weds' Book Study" to be pregnant, and, lo and behold, she topped us all by having TWINS! Due in December, Nathan & Noel... how fun! (Two for the pain of one sounds like a deal to me). Enna got to play with a lot of her friends-- Simeon and Eleanor as well as her almost-birthday-buddies, Harper & Grace. Ok, by play I mean get nursed while sitting next to, lol. Here we three are with our babies OUT! =D

Ashley & Harper (29 days), Natasha & Grace (9 days), Christina & Éowyn (22 days)

Then, Libbie & I took our kiddos to a local church's Fall Festival! (or as Lydia, 2 1/2, put it "Ball Besquibal") We walked there, with both babies in their carriers and a girl by the hand apiece. It was great, with pumpkin-painting, free food (hot chocolate, yum!), a boucy castle, live bluegrass music, and face painting, as well as a really cool crafts show/sale!

Then Éowyn & I walked home and did some chores.

Now we're off to pick up ingredients for a welcome-home-Daddy lunch tomorrow! We can celebrate both his & autumn's arrivals! =D

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