Sunday, October 04, 2009

St. James Ct. Art Fair 2009

Today (Sunday) was Éowyn's first visit to church!!! I was concerned about germ exposure, so she stayed in my Hugamonkey sling the entire time... except for when I was nursing her or changing her diaper. She did pretty well, although we did have some trouble settling her down during the preaching. Thankfully, she takes a paci really well and seemed to sleep fine in the sling. :)

Sunday afternoon, we headed a few blocks over for the annual St. James Court Art Fair. We try to go every year; it's like a free museum! Artists from all over come and sell their wares, from paintings to photos to cool clothes to fractal art to stonework to bonsai trees, and so much more! We also enjoy the fair fare, making a beeline for the fudge (I'd experienced the glory of pumpkin pie fudge last year), and the funnel cakes for Ryan. We got a big fresh-squeezed lemonade to wash it all down, then headed to Central Park so I could rest and we could eat. Éowyn even got in on the al fresco dining, and had her dinner too.

p.s. videos to come soon!

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