Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Month Old!

I took Eowyn in for her 1-month well-baby visit (what my mom always called a "check-up") this morning, and her doctor said she's looking great!

Weight: 10 lbs, 6 oz-- 90%tile-- she's gained an average of about 1.25 oz a day since we brought her home. [That's so wack when you think of what percentage of her body weight that is! That'd be like a 130 lb-person gaining over 1 lb a day!... wow I can't believe I just calculated that out. And my dad wasn't even making me!]

22" -- 75%tile

came home from the hospital (2 days old), gone to church (9 days old), lost her bellybutton (3 weeks 1 day old), first bath (3 weeks 3 days), had her first baby-sitting (4 weeks 1 day old)

Skills: eating, crying (she gets her point across!), holding head up (especially when having an acid-reflux attack), following an object with her eyes, grasping & tugging, turning head from side to side while on tummy (she tries to roll over from her back to her stomach; it's more comfy on her belly).

What I seem to like: walks in my stroller; my warm bath (while I'm in it); being held upright (like in my Ergo carrier), sometimes with my head hanging waaaay back; being patted on the back; napping on my tummy; the taste of breastmilk; being swaddled in my fuzzy pink Swaddler or my knitted pink blanket; being facedown & bounced or patted across Mommy's knees; being held by Daddy; sleeping on Poppy's chest.

What I definitely do NOT appreciate: anyone messing with my head or arms (aka getting shirts on & off or into my carseat); burps that won't come out; being laid flat on my back; getting squirted in the face while trying to eat; having to stop eating mid-meal; getting out of the bath

What people say about me: "She is cute as a button!" "Wow! She's so observant!" "She's very strong!" "Look at those big blue eyes." "She has the family chin-dimple!" "Where did you get her headband?" and variations on "You (Mommy) have one of the prettiest babies I've ever seen."

Visitors: Poppy & Nana (Elder grandparents), (Great-) Grandpa & Grandma Presley, GB & Nina (Thompson grandparents), Daddy Ron & Mama Peggy (Thompson great-grandparents); Aunt Courtney (Elder), Tia Anna (Thompson), "Aunt" Ashlea (Davenport), "Uncle Mr. The Lyle" (Mantooth), "Uncle Mike" (Johnson), and lots of friends from church: Ben, Amanda & Eleanor Brainard; Aaron, Jenny & Jane Montgomery; "Uncle" Coshack Robinson; Hayley Wilton; Caitlyn; Randi & Isaiah Tyson; Glen & Bethany Moore; Ryan, Sarah & Brooklynn Bebee; Melanie, Noel, Ava & Calvin Hall; the entire Jim Rairick crew; "Aunt" Sina Shuey; Natasha Miesee (with Grace in utero); all the Beams; Jeff & Alexis King; Ben, Sarah & Daniel Hedrick; Tom, Joy & Kerith Lynn... all devoted fans!

Outings: Starbucks, Shelby, Central & Cherokee Parks, the St. James Ct. Art Fair, Moe's, Immanuel Baptist Church, the Downtown Post Office, Bardstown Rd., Ramsi's Cafe on the World, Care Group (@ Jim & Marlaina Rairick's house), Book Club (@ Sina Shuey's house), Sojourn's Fall Festival, the Keune twins' baby shower (@ Libbie Timmons'); Huber's Orchard & Winery (in Starlight, Indiana), KidsRGreat Pediatrics, Experience the Hands Chiropractic; Walmart, Target & Goss St. Kroger!


Annie Brainard said...

Look out! She's only a pound behind how much Hannah weighed at one month! Pretty soon you'll be getting comments like, "She's the biggest newborn we've ever seen"... or at least we did! :)

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, do you go to KidsRGreat in New Albany??!! That's our place too! :)


Eowyn's Heir said...

YES! I like Dr. Corba a lot, and the nurses are awesome, too!! I thought you might go there, b/c I saw a patient file pulled labeled "Jackson Dow" and how many Jackson Dows can there be around Lousiville, so I was going to ask you! Some day maybe we'll see each other there... we could even coordinate checkups if we really were cool... have company... lol