Friday, October 02, 2009

Gettin' Bigger!

I had a visit with the lactation consultant at our hospital today. Dad drove Mom & I across the bridge, and it was like last week all over again. Except not 3 am. And a lot less painful. Anyway, our little girl is porkin' out like nobody's business-- she now weighs in at 8 lbs 14 oz! The lactation consultant said that she's been gaining weight this week at double the healthy minimum rate! She gave me some pointers on holding & getting her latched on, and said not to worry at ALL about whether she's getting enough nutrition (not that I was worried about that per se)! Way to go Bradley Diet!!!

We also got to stop by the L & D wing and the recovery rooms-- quite a different perspective for me! I dropped off some thank-you notes for the nurses who'd served us (they were each & every one WONDERFUL!), and we got to say hi to some of the wonderful women who helped bring Eowyn safely into the world. They were part of God's answer to our prayers for a safe & healthy delivery! Heheh the technician who set up our room for delivery (Paquita) remembered Ryan as the dad who asked lots of questions. :) Everyone was exclaiming over how cute Eowyn is and how good she looks in headbands. I think Judy (L & D nurse... super helpful) was most proud of her, since she helped bring her into the world!

Today Eowyn's been a little fussier--several times she seemed just to want to be held. Either her tummy was bothering her & being upright felt better, or she just wanted Mommy's touch & full attention. Either way, it made me feel loved.

I love you, sweetheart. ...please sleep better tonight, ok?

Can you believe she's a WEEK old today!??


Amy Donell Molina said...

OH, how I wish there were a Lactation Doc. here. Of course La leche is always available... but it's nice to have someone right there to coach you on a few things and SEE what you're doing wrong...or right.
I'm so glad that Little Eowyn is healthy and safe in her mamma and papa's arms. I know just how you feel ... this great endetedness to these nurses and doctors who have cared for one of your greatest possessions (second of course only to your husband)... and even though they do it everyday... on THAT day, it was YOUR baby... your daughter. When so many things can go arye (sp)... they are the answers to your prayers. THe Lord is so kind. So so so...good. Can we ever doubt it, Christina? It's shamefull that we do.
Love you all!!! Keep growin' big Enna! (that's what you guys call her as a nickname? kinda like Jillie????)


Eowyn's Heir said...

Yes. We knew early on that we'd have to pick a nickname for her, or else people would assign one to her... one that we might not like. Of course she'll be free to pick her own nickname one day, but until then, we did NOT like Winnie... and I mean, Eo doesn't really work, lol. I like Wynna ok, but it's kinda weird, so we settled on Enna. But I always call her Enna Grace when I call her Enna-- it flows, you know? And I love that her middle name is "Grace," because she is such a gift! We are so dependent on that Grace to sustain us and her. And we call her "Eowyn" "Baby Girl," "Treasure," "Sweet Baby," "Honey"... the works!

And yes, I would love to life in a community where the women who deliver your babies are the women you live alongside and love, because there's SUCH a bond created through childbirth! I feel like those women should be my new best friends, lol, when I know I probably won't see them again, until/unless I have another baby and they're on duty again.