Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family Walk

It cleared up Friday evening and was warm and colorful, so I asked Ryan if he'd like to take a walk after dinner. We realized we needed a few groceries, so decided to kill two birds with one stone and make our walk to Kroger, about 20 min. away on foot if you're going slow (which we were). It was a lovely walk, and we had a great time talking while we walked. That's what I like about walking over driving-- because you're going a lot slower & aren't encased in hurtling steel, you can focus more on the people you're with (or your surroundings) and not worry so much about the road. We got stopped by a very long train, giving Ryan, ever the proud Daddy, time to snap quite a few pictures of our little treasure. She was very awake and observant for most of the walk there, cried in the store (until I got her out & held her), and then slept on the way back. We think she likes walks, too.

Secret Thoughts

No Way, Dad.


Hint of a Smile

Not sure what this face is...

Starting to Yawn...

Finishing the Yawn!
P.S. I made the bow, and 2 others-- it was one of my lazy-day projects. I'm quite pleased with the results; they are cute, soft on her little head, and ensure that I can dress her in blue or red with impunity! No one mistakes her for a boy with a cute little bow on her head! Good thing, too, because she really looks awfully adorable in blue; it matches her eyes.


Amy Donell Molina said...

love the pictures... especially all of her different faces. Aren't they just so fun to watch and see what new face they'll come up with next.
i love the bow bands too! Jillian has earings in her ears... which ensures that people know she's a girl... but a little head band always helps a little for the first glances.
I've found that Jillian looks great in blue too. Blue eyed babies and blue shirts,dresses etc... really bring out the blue!! I never thought I'd have a blue eyed baby...but... I DO!
SO ...rock on with blue and red!! :)
lots of love for you Szrama three!

Eowyn's Heir said...

Hey Ams- thanks! Enna's supposed to get her ears pierced in 2 days (At her 1 month check-up)... I'm kinda sad b/c I know it will hurt her. Were you there when they pierced Jillian's ears? I wish it were routine her like it is in Latin America... it would be so much easier! Oh well, I know she'll thank me later and it's gonna hurt a tiny bit no matter when it's done, so may as well get it done now when she can't remember it and won't mess with 'em!