Friday, October 09, 2009

In Mommy's Outfit

Among the baby clothes my mom saved of mine, there were these blue booties & this shirt I got in the hospital (St. Joseph West Mesa Hospital, Family Birthing Center). I've dressed Enna in them a couple of times, but it occured to me to take a picture of her in them this morning:
I love the blue booties, also received in the hospital. I call them her "elf shoes." You can see them better in this picture. They're hand-knitted, by someone's grandma who decided to knit one for every baby in that hospital, 24 years ago. Thank you, whoever you are!

From I will be a healer, and love all things that grow

p.s. She may have picked her favorite blanket. This pink one was knit by Grandma Presley's friend, and Éowyn seems to like catching her fingers in the holes. It's really soft, and not real heavy, so I wrap her in it a lot when we're around the house, and because it's so soft & she can stick her fingers through it, the little princess doesn't fight having her arms swaddled in it. :)

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