Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Rockin' Out on Wednesday

This is the WONDERFUL glider I found at a consignment sale, which is my nursing chair... and also a great spot (throne?) for Éowyn to chill while I'm tidying up the room or getting dressed. Note the Furman purple she is wearing today. :)

We had a great time going around the park on a walk today. It's the first time I've ventured out alone since she was born, and it was a success! I even lifted the stroller to get on & off our porch(es), and didn't hurt myself! lol it's the small things that make me happy. My friend Libbie joined me on one walk, with her 3 kiddos, and that was really nice.

As I was walking by one Somali home, I felt really burdened to go and talk to them. This house is a multi-generational family home, full of wives & babies. I used to help teach English to the matriarch, "Judy." She & the young women (her daughters and daughters-in-law) are always so welcoming to me, and invite me to come in. Usually I can't because I'm on my way somewhere... today I had been meditating on Psalm 117, which is a prayer for all the nations to come and worship God, not just Israel. The Spirit brought that text to mind as I wheeled Éowyn by the house. Well, I decided I'd better not go today; it is full of babies, and little kids are germ-carriers... and Éowyn is so little. I resolved to go later on. God had other plans. As I waited for my friend Libbie, who should come out and sit on her front porch than Judy herself, with one of her little grandsons!? Clearly, I was supposed to go over there. So I hauled the stroller up there and Judy & one of her daughters-in-law invited me in. Knowing Libbie would understand, I took 'em up on it, and spent a good half hour getting to know these sweet women who do not know our Sweet Savior. They offered me fruit punch & cookies and conversation, and I offered them... my baby. :) They were all so excited that she's a girl and wanted to hold her. She was a perfect baby and slept through the whole thing, lol. Anyway, I was really thankful that God so clearly gave me that opportunity. If you think of it, please pray for them and for me as I seek to befriend them with the Gospel in mind.

"Praise the LORD, all nations! Extol Him, all peoples! For great is His steadfast love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the LORD!" Ps. 117

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claudio said...

Awesome Glider!!! I wish I could fit one of those in my house!!!
But my coach will just have to do.
... That's really cool about your oppertunity with Judy and her family. Friendship is so attractive to us humans!!! That is exactly what Christ has extended to us. We were once his enemies (ENEmigos) and by His great grace, has made us friends (Amigos)!!!