Saturday, October 03, 2009

Saturday; a day of firsts

Much to our sadness, the last of our family left today-- my mom & dad headed back to Greenville. My Mom had been here, helping me and being a joy for the past 2 weeks. Oh man, am I gonna miss her. Ok... stop thinking about that so I don't cry. Anyway, that meant that today was our first day alone as a new family unit of THREE. Yikes! We sure enjoyed our time together, though.

Today (Saturday) was a GLORIOUS fall day, so we took Éowyn for her first walk; one lap around Shelby Park (in our neighborhood). She loved her stroller, sleeping as soon as we got going, lol. It was so nice for me to get outside again... though one lap around was as much as I could take. I'm not quite ready to take up running again just yet...

And then, that evening, Éowyn's first (non-medical) outing was a family visit to the shrine of St. Arbucks:

We all enjoyed our lattes... (mine was free b/c I got a birthday drink coupon!) The barista said that we had the "best behaved baby EVER." We agreed. :)

We also introduced her to NCIS...

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