Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday, a day of firsts (again)

Her first time taking a bottle (of expressed breast milk). I've been giving her this "tummy soother" herbal solution of chamomile, fennel & ginger, and she HATES the taste... I mean really. I was thinking it was impossible to tell if it was helping because she cried so hard when I gave it to her, so it would make her spit up. NOT the idea. The bottle suggested mixing it in a bottle of milk and sneaking it in that way. So I thawed out 2 oz of my stash (yes we already have a freezer-full) and mixed the 1/2 teaspoon of medicine in it... I held my breath. Would she take a bottle? Would she taste the hated medicine? Yep, and nope! She made a face when I first put the nipple in her mouth, then tasted milk and started sucking! She downed the bottle in minutes-- by the time we got the picture, it was almost gone! So-- anyone wanting to take a night shift, we know she'll take a bottle for you! Come and get your turn! =D

Her first time living sans cordum umbilicalum (ok so I don't think that's a real latin phrase)-- she finally has a belly button!

Mom's first time making a green tomato pie. (recipe to come)

Dad's first time eating one (mine too).

All in all, quite a successful day! :)

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