Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another One Checked Off! =D

So I wanted to go to a Bats Game while I was here, and tonight Ashlea, Ryan & I did! It wasn't much action...and we lost :(, but it's all about the experience, right?

Baseball games: smells of hot dogs, cotton candy, nachos, and funnel cakes, the huge blue icees that turn your tongue violent shades of azure, the smuggled-in apples, the itchy grass seats, the one brave cheeseball who proposes to his girlfriend over the wide-screen TV, the songs that play for a scant few seconds-just long enough to get you dancing, the clouds as the sun falls...

The more personal aspects, too: the roommate who looks great with blue teeth, the adorable little boys behind you who dance whenever we score, the boyfriend who unexpectedly flicks peanut butter all over your face and doesn't seem at ALL deterred by threats to never speak to him again, the guy at the concession stand who nearly falls over when the answer to "how old are you, sweetie?" is "20..." (he thought I was 14! FOURTEEN!!...maybe it was the ribbon in my hair...)

And then admiring the brave skaters [and often rediculously imprudent and stupid] at the skate-park on the way back to the car.

Yes, I'd say it was an enjoyable end to a very encouraging, full day. (the clouds looked very cool as we left)

Two non-baseball pics for my sisters. And all you other grinners. =D

(The short brown Asian-looking man is John Miller's long-lost-twin...John Letoto. Also known as Toto.)

(ps there are lots more where those came from!)


Bolo said...

Who you callin' Asian-looking? I am Asian, deary!

And Hawaiian, and Portuguese, and Spanish, and Marshallese...

Eowyn's Heir said...

Sorry, Toto-- that phrase was a little bit of a carry-over from John Miller. We referred to him as the "short suspicious-looking Asian man" or the "dark suspicious Asian-looking man..." a la Genie in "Aladin" (who says "The part of Al will now be played by a dark and sinister ugly man." or something). ANYWAY. Now you know.

Bolo said...

Oh, no offense taken. Just had to make sure that, one, you knew I am indeed Asian, and two, it was indeed me you were referring to. I mean, it wouldn't do to be trying to impute Asian-ness to that Szrama character. His nose would never pass as native in China or Japan!

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