Thursday, July 27, 2006

Read With Us

Yay I don't have to get up at 4:45 tomorrow!! ...instead...only 6, lol. I'm babysitting Robbie instead of my 8-hour daybreak shift at The Patio. Great last few days-- crazy, so less posting going on (I'm no longer unemployed!)-- but I DID manage to introduce Ashlea to Bryan Adams and crazy disco pop. We were celebrating our actual co-inhabitation of our apartment (a rarity these days with opposite shifts worked), with crazy music and dancing!! DJ Sammy's"Heaven," Aqua's "Tarzan" & "Dr. Jones"... Shakira... Billy Joel... crazy country...

Wanted to post some pictures from Read With Us, though. I talk about it enough--and enjoy it enough! These are from tonight. The 3 sisters from Clay St. came again-- Clara (4), Emma (6) & Mina (7)-- they came to Sunday School on Sunday, and are regulars at the Saturday Bible Club and Read with Us. Their grandmother, Miss Nancy, who is an English teacher, and their cousin came tonight, and so did their friends, Sierra (5) & Kristi (6). They'd both come to Read w/ Us before...Sierra clung to me. I was glad to coax smiles from her-- she's such a sad, drawn little girl.
Me reading with Sierra, Renaisha and cute!!

Sierra almost looks happy...

Listening to Miss Debbie (another English teacher, who lives on Camp St.! Ryan & I had dinner w/ her tonight afterwards, actually! She was a teacher @ his HS) read Jack & the Beanstalk, a great success!

Rob reading...ok...there are policemen with flashlights in front of our house... anyway. That's Emma he's reading to.

Ashlea & Clara. ...hmmm...more police cars with lights least there aren't any sirens?
A very dramatic reception from Ryan... (ok now there are cops running, and a guy in handcuffs...hmmm. it's all been very quiet, at least. No, Ashlea-- not cool!!)

[Ok, now there goes the poor Domino's guy. Now he's backing up. Is HE going to stop in front
of our house, too??]

I'll close with this one of Sierra-- it seems to sum our ministry up well.
We want little girls like her to grow up with an imagination that can hold onto Hope. That can turn into Faith... and faith into love... and love into joy.

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