Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Things I've Done So Far...Things I've Yet to Do!

[wow! That last thunderclap was so close that it woke Ashlea up (and that's saying something), and it set off a nearby car alarm! I'm glad I don't have a baby...he'd be screaming right about now...]

My time in Louisville hasn't been all handing in applications, not by a long shot! Here are some pictures of two Saturdays ago: "As You Like It" in Central Park (for free!!)

Some Immanuel-ers, down the row from me. That's Lynn turning her head-- she & Laura lead the Bible Club on Saturdays-- with Christen beside her and Doug behind her.

Making the face is Dave Devasto (just moved, waaah!), next to him are Rob (Ryan S.'s roommate), and Katie (I love her red hair).

The set.

My roomie (Ashlea) and I. I was going for the Furman-purple look.

Last Friday, Sina & I took the kids to the Waterpark on the Riverfront-- it's a bunch of imbedded fountains for the kids to run through, right next to several playground sets. It's free!! (yay!) and oh-so-appealing on a hot day. Sina finally admitted she wished she'd brought her suit, lol. I certainly enjoyed myself. However, the place was clearly designed by engineers who have never gone barefoot in the summer (I'll resist gender sterotyping). The playground ground was a nice springy-soft rubbery compound-- excellent-- but it was painted a bright blue, which, in the Kentucky summer sun becomes blisteringly hot! On more than one occasion, small children (strangers to me!) held out their arms to me, crying in pain "It's hot!" The play equipment was white wood, so it wasn't so bad...but the ground...ouch. Poor little Jens (that's Sina's youngest, 2 yrs. old and CUTE). It took one second for me to snatch her up after she came down the slide, and that was enough for her to start screaming "Hot! Mommy! Hot!" It was very sad. But beyond that, we had a grand ol' time, and splashed our way right through one afternoon.

Most of what I've done involves getting to know the best part of Louisville: its people. Especially the youngish people, about my own age, of Immanuel Baptist Church. I did go to a Bible study with my North Oldham buddies (those of you from GBC know most of them), on Tuesday nights, on "the Roots of Endurance." I'm excited about that!

Saturday I participated in "Immanuel Labor," which was very manly and sweaty-- hauling rubble and throwing heavy stuff around in the sun. My appearance, though, I'm sure was far from "studly." The Bible Club in the park on Saturdays, and the Read with Us on Thursdays have all been very well attended, but not with ness. the same kids consistantly. I'm starting to get to know some of the kids by name-- there's a Somali family whose little boys are trying to teach me some Somali! Middle-eastern languages just sound COOL. Of course, Ryan & Rob, who live right by the park, are way ahead of us in that area. Sunday we had a potluck after church, which was fun. Ashlea and I even tried our hand at frisbee afterwards (apparantly it's common practice for guys to meet up at the seminary green on Sundays around 4). I wasn't as bad as I expected, not having played since we had French exchange students in our home back when I was 11, who taught me how to catch and throw just about everything... but it still wasn't exactly ...impressive. What WAS impressive, however, was how allergic I am to Kentucky grass!! Yikes! As the Immanuel guys would say, it's been a "studly" weekend for me. ...if by 'studly' you mean salty.

David, Chris & Val-- you should be proud of me! I played Settlers of Catan Sunday night, the lone female against the males, and didn't completely lose!! (what does that tell you about my record?) The other girls were all too intimidated, I guess, hehehe. And yesterday, my friend K-ru (Katherine, to be proper) came to visit from Lexington!! A little bit of Furman's RUF right here in Loo-vuhl! =D

Ashlea and I are pumped about this weekend's outcoming movie (Pirates of the Caribbean 2!!)-- her fam's coming down for the event, and we're going to see it Friday night! I'm also trying to figure out cool (cheap!) "must sees" of Louisville for while I'm here. On my list are (Shakespeare in Central Park & the waterpark having been checked off...that will likely be re-visited):
-- fireworks off the bridge/Riverfront concert
-- progressive dinner through our apartment building, to get to know the neighbors
-- Mammoth National Cave
-- hiking
-- Baseball Game
-- Louisville Slugger Museum
-- Louisville Zoo (hehe...hoping someone will have a guest pass and let me take their kids or something...)
-- Louisville Science Center (see above)
-- Swing or Contra Dancing!!!!
-- Frazier Historical Arms Museum
-- Lynn's Paradise Café (for breakfast-- Ashlea raves about it)
-- something involving horses!! this is KENTUCKY, come on!

Any of y'all Kentucky-ers who read this and have other ideas/want to jump on board, e-mail me or call me and let's GO!!
All right, I don't dare plug this is for fear of surge in this storm, and it's about to die, so here's

Christina in Kentucky, saying "TATA!" =D


AE said...

i like.... Christina...i love reading your blogs.... and i love seeing pictures... so keep it up!
I remember the water park in L-ville... it was a lot of fun!!! As much as I remember of KY ... it always seemed to be a really fun and interesting place tolive.... simular to Greenville in that sense.
Anyways... hey do you see Kenneth and Raegan and the girls much?
PS hit me with your 7 digits! so i can call some time.

The Rendezvous said...

Hey, your post is great...

I think if you wish to learn some more Somali or middle eastern languages, feel free to pm me