Sunday, July 09, 2006

On Pirates 2

Friday night, Ashlea, her brother Tyler, and her parents and I went to Tinseltown (yes, like in Monroe, where I always go with my grandparents! =D), after goin' to Sonic's. I love their raspberry slushies!!! Sorry, I digress. Ashlea dressed up, and several people at Sonic's just came up to us and began conversation "Oh, I saw that movie last night..." We thought about responding "what movie?" Just to see their expressions. =D

I spent the entire movie so busy trying to follow the plot that I had no idea what in the world was going on! I was quite disappointed by the end. It seemed completely perceived themes...and it seemingly undid everything the first one so dashingly did! All the good guys are...maybe not good anymore? And the bad guys are...undead? Nothing more than a shameless setup for the third in a trilogy-- like the overabundance of wheel scenes--with a few good lines thrown in here and there. I knew it would't be as good as the 1st one- how could it be? least I liked the recurrance of the "use-real-sea-chanties-as-part-of-plot." And Mr. Gibbs.

And then, I went again last night. After a full day of babysitting, VBS-canvassing, Bible-club in the park, and painting (fun! =D), I wondered if I was crazy to go to see it again, at 9:30, but there were other people that wanted to go, so why not? Doug, Warren, Tyler (seeing it for the 3rd night in a row, poor guy), Ashlea, Val, and I had planned to go to the Steak & Shake beforehand, and to use our student IDs to get GOOD movie tix prices! Anyway, apparantly Doug & Warren know all the sales occuring all over the county, at all times, for all categories of items! They somehow knew about this 24-hr sale at Kroger, including ice cream. SO-- this lead to our greatest idea ever! They got Taco Bell, then each of us forked over a buck, and for $6, we got (get ready) FOUR CARTONS OF BREYERS ICE CREAM! [all-natural and NO fillers!] Including a LACTOSE-FREE ONE!! But I'm not finished! We wanted to enjoy our icecream, but the movie was lining up and sold out. AND, though Warren was prepared with a cooler, it only could fit 3 of the cartons! We looked like we were doomed to brain-freezes, and severe drippage, when Warren bravely spoke up-- "I have a man-bag." [Doug, *cough*purse*cough* Warren, decidedly ignoring that jab]. Gleaming eyes ensued "do we dare?"

Yes, we did it. Two cartons of ice-cream, each carrying his or her own bowl & spoon. [I think they're lax on their allowance of non-sanctioned food in there, anyway.] Oh yes, I will treasure memories from that evening forever. And the story is GREAT!

The movie is MUCH better the second time around. When you know what's coming, it frees you up to pick up on the continuity that actually IS there, and the themes that ARE there. Ok...I've got to get to bed...I'll finish this post later.

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