Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lynn's Paradise Café

Check one activity off my list! =D Ashlea's parents treated us to breakfast at Lynn's Paradise Café, one of the only restaurants I've ever experienced that requires reservations for breakfast! "One of the four most fun restaurants in America," according to Esquire (June 2002) It really was fun, and good stuff. Gotta love the violently bright zinnias outside! And the "ugliest lamp" contest going on inside. We got there at the right time (8:30 Sat am): after us it was some serious line-age! Oh, I remembered half-way through the meal that I left the stove on under some rice! Ashlea's dad graciously took me back, and God was good-- I'd not put the pan exactly back over the flame, and had just added water-- and Tyler & Ashlea equally graciously did not tease me about it. I was quite embarassed, though, not so much for the rice, but for the fact that it was somewhat déja-vu. See, I'd left my cell-phone at Sonic's the night before, the camera in the restaurant (for only a few seconds, but still, it didn't help my record) and the keys into the apartment in the van when we got back...I blame the fact that I was using my messanger bag for the cell-phone (it doesn't close, so it slipped out "inaperçu"). The Davenports must think I'm COMPLETELY spacey But...maybe my mind was a little ...oh, ....elsewhere... ;D

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