Sunday, July 09, 2006


Hey-- I got a job! =D I go in on Tuesday to sign the paperwork, then start training Wednesday! The Grand Opening of The Patio (my new place of employment) is Thursday (we hope), and yes, Ryan, I'll ask about whether they want to buy your refrigeration equipment... .

Anyway, VBS starts tomorrow, and that's more on my mind than starting a job. I'm very thankful for this job, though! That means I DON'T have to leave here early. Whether I'll go down to Greenville for the Christa-Serge wedding/see everybody on July 28th is still uncertain. I want to see all youse guys down there! BUT...there are so many variables. Please pray that I have wisdom regarding that.

[It's also nice having the Davenport family here, giving me the inside scoop on my roommate. You know you're about to hear something juicy when they start out "hey...has Ashlea told you about the time...?" When they're not telling me all this stuff Ashlea needs to demonstrate for me, it's some hilarious story about her. Wow. They just made her do her "Keanu-dogding-bullets-imitation." And yes, she actually bends over backwards!!! Dang. That was almost manly. In a very womanly sort of way...]

OK, I'm rambling. Need. Sleep...

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Ashley Brennan said...

Yay! I'm glad you found a job. Praise the Lord. :) I won't be able to go to the lake that weekend. That will be my last Saturday of working with Beth.