Friday, July 07, 2006

In Keeping With the Pirate Theme

Some of the fiercest scalywags you ever did see. Arrrrg!

[we later had a duel to the death. I lost, despite my cool somersault sword-swinging attack. I fought bravely despite getting my arm and one leg cut off by my worthy opponent. I got his arm and leg, too. The funniest part was when John made sure I was "dead" by staking me to the ground with his sword. I came back to haunt him as a tickling ghost, much to his dismay.]

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AE said...

"Dear Chrsitina,
This is Ian Donell.
how are you doing these past days. I read your blog posts. They look very fun and very funny! I'm glad you had a fun time with John and watching The Pirates of the Carribean with your friends. I miss going to Frankies Fun Park with you. It's very fun to go with you because you are very funny and very fun. I want to go see the Pirates of the Carribean with Amy in about a week.... if my parents let me. Have you been having fun with John, Morgan, and Jenna?
I'm almost done with school and I got ... out of 52 questions I only got 2 wrong in History... and it was just the same in English! That's an A-.
We're going to go to Mendoza again. It will be very very fun. Claudio is coming too (amy's boyfriend).
Tell me about your new job? Are you having fun on it? Have you made any friends at your new job? What do you like about your new job?
I was on a soccer team for a little bit, our team won the championship, but just before we were going to do it, mom and dad wanted me to drop out of it because they already had lots of things to do and I was already going to Karate and they had bible studies.
Did you know that Italy won the World Cup? France, lost to Italy yesterday 1 to 1 and Italy won with penalty kicks. Everyone else was rooting for France, but I was rooting for Italy.
New kids have come to church. And my new best friend is Joaquin. He's on the same soccer team as I am. He's about 9 years old... like me.
I'll talk to you later, Christina.