Saturday, July 29, 2006

My First Immanuel Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Mimbs, ladies & gentlemen...
[ok, ok, Ryan took that picture. So don't compliment me.]
Pastor King, Amanda & Josh-- this is in the Seminary Chapel. The pews are tall and lock! It's like being in box seats. Not nice when you're coming in late!! *sheepish grin*
Pastor Jeff King, his lovely wife Christie (did I spell that right? This church has TONS of Christies!), and their kiddos, Alexis (2) & Rachel (6 mos.?). So cute!! (oh, and you all should ask them about their Charter-Fishing Date. But don't ask while you're recovering from hernia surgery. You'll laugh WAY too hard, and it'll definitely impede your recovery...)

I must say I'm rather proud of Ryan for getting this one! I told Jeff his daughter walks like a little princess, and he got all stern and was like... "No-- she's a King!!" CHEESY!! Anyway, this is the beautiful Alexis Marie King. Definitely an effusive little personality! =D
Baby Rachel attacking/hugging Jacob Fullerton.
And look at that good-lookin Father-Son combo... Nathan & Jacob Fullerton, folks.
Glen's kiddie tie made me laugh SO hard. That's his wife, Bethany beside him, and they're talking to Mr. & Mrs. Aaron R-longnamethatican'tspell. Apparantly, the Mrs. R (Candace) thought that just because SHE was up 'til now Immanuel's most recently-wed bride (June), she could be the bouncer and keep certain individuals from entering into the celebration...just because the signup list wasn't there after the first Sunday... *wink* She kept saying something about patience. No idea WHAT she was talking about.

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