Wednesday, July 19, 2006



Games! We started every day at 6:30 in the park, with Game-Master Ryan commanding. Thursday we had a water balloon toss/fight...and I got to bond with Ricky filling those up. It would seem long piano-fingers are good for tying them off! Someone else didn't come until way later...when Ricky & I were already wearing 1/2 the water....

Morgan made friends with this little girl, who is Somali & from a Muslim family. She and her brothers & uncles came every day to the games, and they come on Saturdays to our park Bible Clubs, but Muslims may not enter a church-- something I did not know!

"Mr. Ryan" Gamemeister himself.

"Miss Laura," who does the Bible clubs in the park with us on Saturdays!

Rob Smythe & Jin Gil leading singing. By the last day, the kids were really into it!

"Out of the mouths of children You have ordained praise, to silence the foe & the avenger..."

J.C's group, hard at work during Application Time. (they discussed the lesson while doing crafts)

Practicing the Bible verse.

Game time downstairs!
(the hand is J.C's...)


jinesquire said...

Thanks for posting the VBS pics! By the way, congrats to you & Ryan - I just found out. =)
-Jin Gill

Eowyn's Heir said...

Thanks! =D

nicole said...

looks fun!!!... i miss VBS