Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Job @ The Patio

I took these last Saturday during one of our MANY training sessions. I really like working there- Randy & Kim, the owners, are really sweet, and the other employees & I get along. There's a good mix of believers & non-believers, of high-school & college age kids. I'm learning so much, too-- from hot-dogs to coffees to smoothies to salads to non-tilty-ice-cream cones!

It was a very fascinating hotdog... ;D

Latte Mustaches-- me with Priscilla, the owners' daughter.

My boss, Randy. Does he not look like Don Donell!??

Tavi & Steph working the cash register.

Grand Opening tomorrow!! Soft opening tonight, which means free ice-cream, etc., for those invited, and lots of practice for us!! Should be fun-- whoopee!

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