Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Birthday, dear Nicole...

I'd like to take this li'l opportunity to give a shout out to my little sister, Lauren Nicole Thompson, who turns 18 today!!!

God is strong in you, and I get so much joy from watching Him work in your life. I'm your biggest fan and always will be-- there isn't anyone with a bigger heart than yours, especially for the lonely. Set your love on Jesus-- there's nothing more exciting than "remembering your Creator in the days when you are young." He is the Great Lover of your soul!! And He really does want your happiness...even when He hurts us, it's to make us laugh later. Keep dancing!

I love you!!


Ashley Brennan said...

Happy birthday, Nicole :) I love you!


nicole said...

:) i really did look like a korean boy...not much has changed i guess :) thanks cristina! i love you so much and i am so excited that you're coming home!!!!!! lol and mom and dad already want to talk about Schedules for the next year... thanks a lot (btw we all have to come home fro christmas... they let me know that right off :) )

Ashley Brennan said...

I'll update when you do

AE said...

i updated..... and posted more pictures on my things photography website