Monday, August 14, 2006

Copeland Home, Nolensville TN

Hello my faithful readers! =D

The past few weeks have been so busy; if you hadn't noticed that I haven't posted, lol. Anyway, I just wanted to write real fast and say that I have left Louisville behind... for now. Saturday my family came up-- all 4 crazy Thompsons (ok- 3 crazies, and one Mom; the token laughter of the Thompson comedy routine, as she's been called). We hung around Louisville Saturday evening...let them meet my roomie Ashlea, and Ryan. Then yesterday was a whirlwind of breakfast, Sunday School (as Ryan & Dad disassembled and packed my futon and bike-- a marvel of engineer's packing, getting that in the van!), then corporate worship at Immanuel Baptist, packing my apartment, lunch at the Shuey's (felt just like good ol' times!!), trampoline with ALL of the Thompsons, the Shuey kids, and the Ryan (Morgan & I finally knocked the aforesaid Boy over- yes! triumph!), saying goodbye to Lauren in her NEW apartment, small group in Indiana @ the Marshalls', and then saying goodbye to Ryan at the church...and driving the 3 hours to Nashville. Whew! All it surprising that it all felt surreal? I got to talk to my heart-brother, Ian on the phone as I drove-- VOIP & cellphones are the most AMAZING things ever-- a free call from the road to Argentina. And I got to be the FIRST Americana to "meet" Claudio! I feel special.

Saying goodbye to Ryan wasn't nearly so bad as it could have been...more of a "see you later" than a goodbye, since I'll see him in 2 weeks (yay!). I've gotten so used to goodbyes in my "third-culture-kid" life; they lose some of their sadness, knowing that it's always just a "see you later!" for Christians. But it's also gained some sadness, because the miss-you ache that will come is well-known to me. But then again it's tempered by the knowledge that Love is everywhere where Christ's Name is known-- and His Glory WILL fill the earth as the water fills the sea.

I'm a little more sad now than I was yesterday, feeling the miles, waking up next to my little sister instead of the window overlooking St. James court that's become familiar...and no Ashlea :(. But I'm loving my cousins, my grandpa, my aunt & uncle... looking forward to the drive back with Nicole & CS Lewis, complete with my traveling indulgence of a Green Tea Frap.

More will come later. Many thoughts. But here's "so long" from Nolensville (Nashville suburbia); as Jack Lewis says-- "a Christian NEVER says good-bye!"



szrama said...

Just thought I'd reciprocate the missing you ache here... it kind of grows on you and then you start thinking, Ahh.. 18 more days..

AE said...

do you remember, Christina, on our friends board the little sign that mom has hanging in the middle surrounded by the pictures of loved ones from all over the world and all different stages of life? it says..." cristianos nunca dicen adios." the ache i think never goes away... in fact i think it gets worse some times.... but the only advantage we thrid culture kids have is that it's familiar... we've seen it over and over again and we have a better idea of how to deal with it. but the aching never seems to go away. A part of my heart will always ache at the thought of not seeing my nephew grow up, or be there with my brothers and sisters in their first years of their marriages, or be with them during my dating relationship with Claudio, and not being there for graduations, dating relationships, and marriages of friends..... it will always ache.
i think there is an ache that comes with the sweetness of hearing your voice when i talk to you... or others.... simply...because it reminds me of what i'm missing out on.
anyways....... love you lots Christina, and I'm praying for you in this yet another... aching time... that the Lord would fill your heart with laughter that is the sweetest medicine and delight in Him and His providences in your life.
love you lots Christina Maria,