Saturday, August 26, 2006

Real Post

It's been long in coming... but understandably so. ;D For starters, I haven't had a chance to unpack yet, or even read much of anything or journal!, much less blog, since I left the quietness of my Kentucky summer, and hit the ground running full speed-- literally straight down the mountains and into a student teacher meeting. Back in the saddle. Back on campus.

Then, too, my thoughts, emotions, and experiences were so quick and layered one upon the other that it's taken this long to sift through them somewhat-- I've needed the two weeks of hindsight, just to be able to see the vague shape of the forest for all the trees! God is always at work...and sometimes to do His work justice I've learned that I have to wait (and pray!) a little, watching, before I can see enough to begin to think about it, and then I have to wait, with more prayer, before I've thought enough to begin to put it into words. I'm a muller-- gotta run 'em through the old mill a few times before things start to coalesce. Ryan's been witness to this, lol-- thoughts surface again and again, becoming veritable themes...but it takes a while for them to come out in coherent thoughts anyway.

Tomorrow, though, is Saturday. And I relish the thought of being able to sleep in, READ, pray, write a little, and sit down with my Tosha in my lap (that's my Apple computer's name) and post about the past 3 weeks-- the transition from Kentuckiana Summer to Greenville School Year...and I hope to post on the Lord's Day an even more "looking back" sort of reflection on the summer as a whole. God taught me so much-- it's a joy to sift through it all and see His fingerprints all the better-- they're just all over the sunshine, the Ohio River, and the songs...

But for now, I must sleep. I think my head will explode if I keep my eyes open one more second. Good night-- but Lord willing, I will return!!
PS- there's also another List Posting to follow...about the 10 Best Love Songs Ever Written (prompted [mostly, hehehe] by all the love songs I've heard in the past 2 weeks of being in a music classroom! ...nothing to do whatsover with personal experience, no no... ;D)


melandaaron said...

Christina I posted some pics for you and Amy to see, there are more coming!

melandaaron said...

Thanks for the comment, I love keeping up with what is going on in your life too! I am not sure when we will be in Greenville again, hopefully soon! I posted some more pics of our trip, I can't quite get the text aligned right though. Any suggestions?

yoQuitoy said...
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yoQuitoy said...

After having read a lot of your posts, I came to the conclusion that you really inspired me.

I am an Elementary Education major, and I am on my Junior year of college. I am very excited and nervous about being a teacher, and you just made it sound so exciting!

I am also in awe about how you express your love for Christ. I am so happy about that! God's grace is definitely seen in your writings... keep the faith!

There's something really refreshing about your writings. As I tried to figure it out... I came to the conclusion that it is you just being yourself...

that's so awesome...!

(Thumbs up)