Friday, August 25, 2006

Lessons Learned... --Ongoing & Edited!!

In case you hadn't noticed, I am a classic "List Person." Especially when things start being pretty unstructured (which, life usually is...especially MY life, it would seem), my journals take the form of lists, more or less. Not the boring kind, for the most part-- just a way I organize my thoughts, try to find themes, or just get the clutter of things I'm trying to remember OUT onto paper, so I can free up some diskspace up there. Hehehe, I crack myself up with all my lists.

Anyway, this is one that makes a lot of sense, and that I'm sure many of my readers can identify with and add to.

Things I've Learned as a First-Year Teacher...
- all solemn men in paintings are presidents. Most likely George Washington.
- glue guns and Post-it Notes are your friends
- the floors in primary classrooms are tile for a reason: summed up in one word, "moppable"
- the inventor of the laminating machine is worthy of a Nobel Prize
- they're always watching. Always.
- they always copy you. Especially when you hope they WEREN'T watching
- love the secretary and janitor. They are very important Friends to have.
- your first name is "Miss"
- Squidward plays the clarinet
- explosions and natural disasters are the best motivators for boys starting in 4th grade. maybe before...
This is from my friend & classmate Mary Margaret Hart, who worked as a preschool teacher at the Smithsonian over the summer. She said that in the "teacher bathroom" (aka the one with a big potty) there was a little tackboard with funny quotes and such, and this list appeared last week.
Requirements for Teachers (1915)
Teachers May Not:
Be in the company of men
Get married durring contract
Be out between the hours of 8pm and 7am
Go on more than one date per week (unless you attend church, in which case you can go on 2)
Partake in questionable behavior
Loiter in downtown icecream shops
Teachers Must:
Sweep the floors every day
Wash the floors once a week
Wear hair up in a tight bun
Wear at least 2 petticoats


Ashley Brennan said...

I'll add two things to your list ...

1. The human bladder IS durable enough to last for more than 8 hours without going to the bathroom.

2. You don't get to sit down until all of your students are gone ... and even then, it's debateable.

Ashley Brennan said...
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szrama said...

hah Made me laugh. ;)

Miss Thompson is my favorite teacher..

Eowyn's Heir said...

lol thanks Ashley!