Thursday, September 24, 2009

Still No Baby

Well folks, I'm not exactly sure what Éowyn is wanting.

I labored at home until around 3 am. Mom & Ryan helped me through each one, and between each one. We got into a pretty good routine of me walking through the contractions with Ryan, then me sitting on the birthing ball with Mom rubbing my feet or back, with a hot water bottle pressed against my back. The contractions were pretty intense, and I was getting so I was uncomfortable between them, too. 4 minutes apart, 1 minute long, we headed to the hospital.

Once I got there, labor slowed down a little, which is considered normal. They trussed me up in triage, measuring the contractions, my heartrate & Éowyn's, my blood pressure, etc. I hated lying back on the bed in there- it made it harder to handle the labor, I felt. Then my midwife came and did an internal exam, and I really didn't like that. After that, the contractions seemed to be tapering away. We were offered a room in L & D, but I decided that if being at the hospital, with the internal exam, had stalled labor, then going on to get a hep lock in my arm (which I didn't want) and having to rely on liquids for nourishment instead of being able to eat (and I was already hungry) would probably make things even worse. And Mom & Ryan were falling asleep standing up-- at home they'd be able to get some sleep, and maybe I would too. So, at 6 am, we were back in the car headed home, with me still having regular contractions, but less intense and shorter than before.

We came home, Mom refilled my hot water bottle, I ate a little bit, and we all tried to rest. We all fell asleep, and now I'm awake again (4 1/2 hours later), feeling very sore, and contractions seem to be coming back... but so far nothing like what I had, and I don't know how regular because I'm not timing them or anything. I'm not sure what's going on, but the cynic in me isn't surprised-- didn't I say it felt like she'd never be born? lol Hopefully labor will pick back up soon. In the meantime, I'm trying to nurse my body into some semblance of normalcy, and be content in the Lord.

Guess I'll go and work on that choir stuff... :)

We'll keep ya updated. Man, I REALLY want to hold my baby after all of this!


Jeannette said...

Maybe Eowyn is going to be a "drama queen." Seems to like keeping everyone in suspense. ;)
Praying for you.

R. Greg said...

You're ready to hold the baby? After all this? Women must be wired differently because I think I'd be about ready to drop-kick the thing... =p

Jacqui O. said...

Oh Christina, I'm sorry this has been such a trial for you! Hopefully Éowyn will be coming soon. You are not suffering in vain: "By your steadfastness and patient endurance you shall win the true life of your souls" -Luke 21:19

On a somewhat related note, I got your sweet note in the mail today! There was just one part I didn't understand: what is the "big picture of God"? If you sent me something else, I haven't received it yet.

theber said...

Praying for you. Will you let us hold her, too? After awhile, of course. :) Bethany M.