Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dear Hannah

I can't believe you're a big FOUR year old today! Uncle Ryan & I hope you get better soon and that God lets Baby Eowyn be your birthday buddy! =D We sure love you!

--Aunt Christina, Uncle Ryan & Eowyn

Yes, she & her entire family are down for the count. :( Poor Val doesn't get sick days. My favorite Hannah quote of the day: "Mommy, is watching a lot of TV how we get un-sick?"

As far as hopes for our own daughter's birth-day...

Mom & I just got to peek at her via ultrasound-- she's got cute chubby cheeks! Everything looks great-- plenty of amniotic fluid, great heartrate & movement, placenta still quite "adequate." As far as readiness to be born, she's just sittin' on "go." 4 cm dialated, 90% effaced, head at station 0. No idea what she's waiting for. Maybe the weather to change? It is sorta rainy and dreary...
But we're still hoping she'll come today and be Hannah's birthday buddy!
**Edit: so we are working through intense contractions over here... 6-8 minutes apart. Our bags are packed & we're ready to go. Once they hit 5 minutes apart we are making like a baby and heading OUT! hehehehe :)


Amy Donell Molina said...

I personally think she's going to ACT and LOOK JUST like YOU, Christina!!!! :)

you know who

Val said...

Thanks for the b'day wishes. We love you and we're praying :)