Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ok, Ok we'll go for the full 42 weeks

I felt this defined my life right now: "It can be very normal to start early labor, have it stop, and then have it start again in about 48 hours."

Guess we're right in the middle of that 48 hr window! :) Since about 10 am yesterday, I've felt quite back to my old self; meaning no labor signs at all. I'm trying to pretend I'm 36 weeks along again, and just enjoy time with my Mamita. We've gotten to go on walks down the riverfront (even stopped by a bluegrass jug band festival for an hour or so), Bardstown Rd., and around Shelby Park; we've done sewing projects, cooked, gardened, and of course TALKED. Yesterday she totally dismantled my kitchen & gave it the most thorough mopping it has seen in months. I took a nap. I asked her if SHE was having a nesting instinct, lol!

I slept great last night (well, great comparitively), and was awakened at 5:30 to the sound of gentle rain by a hungry baby. I think I may as well start getting ready for church... guess I'll go make some eggs or something more substantial. This banana isn't cutting it. =D

Maybe the Lord is trying to refocus my attention on HIM and His Kingdom. Fascinating as a new baby's coming is, it isn't the be-all or end-all of my existence; not now, not ever.

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Jeannette said...

I jokingly told Ashlea that Eowyn is waiting until her changing table is ready. ;)