Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

...a few of my favorite of EOWYN's things, that is!

Besides the necessities and sweet things we've got ready for her, like carseat, crib, stroller, etc., we've got quite a collection of nifty, rather unique things too!
(clockwise from left):
pink doggy carseat neck support from Edwards family; Swaddler from Stephen & Jacqui (I have gotten several of these, as I hear they are GOLD); the Rockin' Ride Pony from the Ross family (it sings and moves its mouth!!); Paladin blanket made by me; pink hand-crocheted blanket from Grandma P's friend Mrs. Weaver; hand-knit (?) multicolored blanket by Aunt Kendi; security blanket with lots of silky "tags" (genius, huh?); canvas bow-holder made by Sarah Bebee (coworker); pink sweater hand-knitted by my parents' neighbor Nina; bib with detachable washcloth from Mrs. Lawson & Tekoah Lawson (my boss & a friend/coworker); hand-knit "lovey" from Tia Nicole (my sister); two boo-boo soothers-- one is a bunny called the Boo-Boo Bunny (from Mrs. Lawson again), one is a bear called the Feel-Better Bear (from my Mom)-- they have freezable plastic cubes in them to put on bumps & bruises! I've already used them on me, with great success! =D
In center: wooden ABC blocks from Dole family; baby's first bookmark (fabric, so it's chewable & washable!) from Mrs. Lawson & Tekoah (they picked really fun gifts)

And her mommy's favorite bits of gear: all FOUR of her carriers!
clockwise from bottom: the organic cotton Hugamonkey sling, which was so graciously given us by the creators themselves!; the infantino "Sling Rider" infant carrier (with straps to secure little bitty ones); the Ergo carrier, complete with a sleep hood; and an awesome 15-foot long wrap made by Aunt Kendi (with a little help from Uncle Greg =D)! I can't wait to start baby-wearing! We'll post pictures of both Ryan AND I modeling these very soon, never fear.

See what you can play with if you just come out, Baby Girl?

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