Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Just Twiddling Our Thumbs

Today Mom & I got all my pre-k craft supplies shopping/pricing done, met with my choir replacement (well, I did that), baked a GF loaf, made a bunch of GF applesauce waffles (now frozen), made a giant broccoli salad, talked, baked 2 GF pizzas completely from scratch--including the tomato sauce, using garden tomatoes-- (again, one is awaiting consumption post-baby), did some other errands, and talked. Not bad, huh?

My two most recently completed projects:

1) A pillowcase for my body pillow (a wonderful gift from Ryan... I think he took pity on my sleeplessness. Except sometimes I get up at night, and come back to find that someone has stolen it...)

I really like how the buttons from my randomly assorted collection tie it together with the other colors in the bedspread.

2) A baby blanket for Eowyn, out of a giant Furman t-shirt I had laying around the house. The piping is from one of Ashlea D's old shirts. She's going to feel so comfortable in our home, with everything I've made from her cast off clothing, lol!!

Close-up of the quilting I did in the letters. Gotta have gear for her first Paladin game (whenever that might be...)!

Now I'm working on pillows from old towels for my pre-k classroom, and finishing up a parent resource packet for Choir... oh yeah, and finishing a French recording project for a textbook company. I guess it's a good thing Eowyn's giving me all this time to finish these things, huh? =D

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