Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quote Time...

from today's "Of First Importance" email:

“Beware of making a "Christ" of your faith, precious as it is. If you are staying away from the Savior because your faith is weak, you are substituting your faith for Christ—the channel--for the Fountain of comfort, peace, and salvation. If I have a mission to the sovereign of these realms—some petition to prefer—and I linger upon the steps that conduct me to the royal presence, or in the corridor that leads me into the royal chamber, what marvel if I have no audience, and, consequently, no response to my request? That lofty flight of steps, that magnificent corridor, are but introductions to my approach to the sovereign, not the sovereign herself. Such is faith! Divine and precious as it is, faith is but the path that leads us to the King.”
- Octavius Winslows,
The Preciousness of Faith

Reminds me of the Caedmon's Call song "Shifting Sand:"
Sometimes I believe all the lies/ So I can do the things I should despise/ And every day I am swayed /By whatever is on my mind /I hear it all depends on my faith,/ So I'm feeling precarious. /The only problem I have with these mysteries/ Is they're so mysterious// My faith is like shifting sand, /Changed by every wave; /My faith is like shifting sand, /So I stand on grace.//"

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Jeannette said...

Totally unrelated, but we saw your dad quoted in Popular Mechanics about the tweel. :)