Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

...since being pregnant: Popsicle Molds! $1 at Dollar Tree... sometimes I just needed some quick sugar to keep me from throwing up while I made dinner. And sometimes I just want something cold. Re-livin' my childhood making grape juice popsicles! :)

As always when I pile on the milk products (as I have to to get enough protein, since I can hardly eat any meat, and for a while fish made me gag), Lactose Intolerance is my enemy. Lactaid is my friend. :)

For the ever present acid reflux (triggered most predictably by cinnamon, tomato sauce, chocolate, acetic acid (Vit C added to stuff), and peanuts... but sometimes just there because Little Miss decides to snuggle up in my stomach's space.)

My neti pot-- crucial in preventing further sinus infections (which would be very probable considering all the extra milk I'm intaking)-- so far, 100% effective. I use it at the first sign of sinus pressure or congestion, and it always feels SO good afterwards...


Ryan Szrama said...

Neti pots are so creepy.

GloryandGrace said...

You've got me humming tunes from The Sound of Music now :)

I LOVE my Neti Pot!

theprestons said...

I am a Neti Pot believer!!