Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gluten Free... DOUGHNUTS, BABY!!

My friend Mary Scott made doughnuts with her kids the other day, and it got me to craving them. You know how long it's been since I had a doughnut? Me neither. A long time. I remember I liked Dunkin' Doughnuts better than Krispy Kreme... I like cake-y over flaky... haha. But beyond that, it's all a distant memory.

I began stalking the web for simple recipes I could try. I found one for gluten-free fried doughnuts, and another for gluten-free baked doughnuts... and both looked/sounded amazing. Unfortunately, I really couldn't pull off either of them; not enough oil for frying, and no special doughnut-baking-pans (kind of like muffin tins). So, I improvised... it would have to be better than nothing, right? I used the fried doughnut recipe (it sounded like it would be more solid) and shaped most of the dough into O's and holes- with some difficulty because of how sticky the dough was,- and baked them at the baked-recipe's temperature, just on a normal cookie sheet. While that was baking, I used my teensiest saucepan and fried a half dozen doughnut holes... just to see if I could do it without setting the house on fire.

The results?
Fried: The fried holes instantly threw me back to the sweet days of funnel cake eating. It must have been the fried dough rim, because Ryan didn't think they really tasted all that much like funnel cakes. I'm convinced that if I just used a ziploc bag w/ a corner cut off and sqeezed the dough into hot oil, that I could have my very own gluten-free funnel cake... a secret longing for years now.

Baked: they came out a little dry, so I brushed them with melted butter & sprinkled a struesel topping on, and put them back in the warm oven for a few minutes. When they came out, they were quite tasty! Not quite the same consistency as their fried counterparts, but yummy nonetheless. Cried out for an accompanying glass of milk.

I'll post recipes & photos later... in the meantime, Ryan keeps going back into the kitchen and coming out with his mouth suspiciously full. I think I need to intervene before I'm once again left doughnut-less. ;)

Thank you Mary Scott!

We're going out to dinner w/ some friends in a half hour, then dessert w/ other friends after that, and I'm currently full to bursting. But ya know what? I KNOW I'll be hungry again by the time we order food. This is when I LOVE being pregnant!! :)

P.S. Mary, you'll also be pleased to know I couldn't resist any longer & I picked 3 green tomatoes to do you-know-what for lunch tomorrow. =D We really will have lots of fun when you come visit!!
P.P.S Also coming up: a very tasty gluten-free cherry crisp recipe.

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MSF said...

Yay Christina! Glad our donut fix could help you! :) I have to say, though, after 1, I was done with them! The kids and Matt, however, were more than happy to help eat them!
I also have to confess that I did have another fried green tomato today for snack. :) I do have several still on the vine, though, so I hope to eventually have at least a few red ones!
Looking forward to seeing you guys in the spring! Praying for you both and your girlie!