Saturday, July 04, 2009

Coleslaw Attempt

As one who's allergic to soy, the primary ingredient in most mayo... which in turn in a key ingredient in most cole-slaws, I haven't enjoyed that traditional "patriotic" dish in years. This year, thanks to the new 1000 Gluten-Free Recipes (Carol Fenster) given to me for Christmas by my Aunt Robin, and in honor of the Fourth of July, I am trying it out. We get so much cabbage through our CSA that I'm at a loss for what to do with it... you can only stuff so much of it into salads, you know? (p.s. I'll be doing these the old fashioned way, with knife & cutting board, rather than w/ a food processor)

Two recipies from which to choose:

Cabbage Coleslaw
(serves 4)
1 small head red or green cabbage, chunked & quartered
1 med. carrot, peeled & cut into 1" chunks
1 sm. yellow onion, quartered
3 T cider vinegar
2 T honey
1 t Dijon-style mustard
1/4 c canola oil
1/2 t celery seed
1/2 t salt
1/4 t freshly ground white pepper
1/4 t paprika (for garnish)
1. Working in batches, shred cabbage in food processor. Transfer to serving bowl. Similarly shred onion & carrot together and transfer to serving bowl.
2. Add remaining ingredients to processor & blend. Pour over coleslaw and toss to coat thoroughly. Sprinkle with paprika.
3. Cover tightly & refrigerate. Serve chilled.

Red Cabbage Coleslaw
(serves 8)
1 head (3 lbs) red cabbage, washed, cored & shredded
1/2 c chopped onion
1/2 c mayonnaise (I use safflower, canola or other non-soy mayo)
3 T cider vinegar
1 T honey or agave nectar
2 t Dijon mustard
1 t celery salt
1 t celery seed
1/4 t freshly ground black pepper
2 T chopped fresh parsley, or 1 T dried (for garnish)
1. Combine cabbage & onion in a med. serving bowl.
2. In small bowl, whisk together remaining ingredients. Pour over cabbage & stir with spatula to blend thoroughly.
3. Garnish w/ parsley. Chil for 2 hours or overnight. Serve chilled.

I shall give a full report post-production. :)


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Wakenda said...

Minuus the mustard these recipes sound a lot like the German slaw my Mom and Grandma make. Vinegar and sugar based. Sounds yummy! Enjoy and Happy Independence Day!