Friday, July 03, 2009

Nursery Fun

Now, this will not look too impressive, but that's because most of the nursery furniture & fixin's will start as... scrappy and end as... classy. I hope. :) The two biggest furniture items I've been lookin' for used are a dresser that we could also use as a changing table, and a wardrobe/armoire, so that we can save the closet in there to use as storage (as it's one of 2 closets in a house with no attic or basement storage, and the only one available to guests when they come). Other furniture-- rocker or glider, crib, and shelves are either optional or will be new purchases.

My friend Ashlea is into refinishing or repainting furniture, and had offered to re-do any one baby piece as her gift to us when I first told her I was pregnant. So I took her along with me to search for the perfect dresser. Most were too narrow, too tall, too short or too expensive. We stopped in at the Preston Hwy Goodwill just because we were driving by, and Ashlea spotted It:

Ta-Da! Not only does it have the perfect sized drawers, it even has a tall armoire portion, wherein I may house a hamper or a cloth diaper pail. It was the perfect heigth and width, too. Just in need of some love and sprucing up. As we started just pulling off the badly-done paint, we realized that it hid a gorgeous finish... too bad the previous owners had ruined with paint! We also saw the original tag on the back, and it was intended as a child's dresser- go figure! Anyway, it is currently at Ashlea's being stripped, sanded and painted in accordance with the nautical theme we've chosen for "the Children's Rooom." Yes, one day Eowyn will have to share her "nursery" with any and all siblings, until we get another house. ;)
We also got some cute shelves and coat-hangers that my sisters will help me sand down & paint & make generally more cute... Goodwill is the place to go! (the most expensive shelf was $2.50)

Today I went to Hancock's fabrics to look for PUL, the fabric I'd need to create "wet bags" for our cloth diapers. They didn't have any, but were beginning a Fourth-of-July Sale that had most of their cottons 50% off, all their Simplicity patterns for $1 (usually those run about $13!), and many of their novelties (aka ribbons & buttons) reduced, too! So I decided it was time to snag the fabrics I'll use to sew all the baby bedding & room decor. I got everything I need to make 2 crib sheets (one navy, one red), 1 red flannel winter crib sheet, an over-the-rail organizer, and a quilt, plus patterns to boot! Can you make out the sailboat fabric and the eyelet? I can hardly wait to get my sewing machine back (a friend's borrowing it) and get started!

In a few months I'll post pictures of the finished products!

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