Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garden Fresh

Our gardens have not yet started yielding abundantly, apart from the mint & chives which never fail. Ryan & I did eat one rather tart blackberry each the other day... but we still are waiting for cucumbers, peppers, canteloupe, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes to be ready to harvest. We know the blueberries won't be ready 'til next year (we planted 2 plants in different spots). I'm especially waiting on the tomatoes. I'm quite disappointed with the cantelope thus far; it seems to be afflicted with the same blight that killed most of our pumpkins last year-- I think it's something about our yard-- despite my mulching it and spraying it preventatively this year. I have to cut off every leaf that's diseased, so I'm not sure how long the plant will make it.

Cantelope (note how many leaves are gone) and yellow cherry tomato bush

One of our blueberry bushes (can you tell we need to mow the grass?)

Our garden exploded a bit this year, with everything surviving except the marigolds, lol... much to my surprise. So the small plot is a bit overcrowded some of the plants are suffering for it. :( Oh well, live & learn. I also will get stuff in the ground a bit earlier next year, seeing as how I won't be always throwing up or lying down. I thought I'd take some pictures for those of you interested in that sort of thing.

Hooray! Our first little bit of harvest (they are yellow cherry tomatoes, so that's their ripe color)

Some almost-ripe berries (bush was transplanted from Uncle Steve's garden in Greenville last summer)

P.S. Jeannette- I updated the CAD post with full-length pictures. Now you can see the famous tail. :)

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