Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby Carriers & Slings

I'm looking for input from all you baby-wearin' mamas out there. What type of sling/carriers have you used, and which have you liked best? I have been given an Infantino lie-down infant carrier, as well as 3 Snugli/Baby Bjorn front-carriers (don't worry- I've given the extra 2 away =D). I think my aunt is also giving me a Maya wrap. I'll of course be happy to use those, but I do want to use something that won't hurt my back...

I've looked online and really like the Ergo baby carrier-- has anyone used this or heard anything about it, good or bad? What about the Hug-a-monkey carrier? It looks really simple to use and like it wouldn't strain a back.

------------EDIT: My sister-in-law Kendi pointed me to this babywearing site that seems really cool! It shows lots of different positions & wrap styles, especially using what they call a "spof" (simple piece of fabric) rather than a structured carrier or a ring sling.

Please keep the input coming! I need it! :)


MSF said...

ergo is awesome - i'm getting one! i like my ring sling (dr sears, I think) for quick ins and outs and my wrap for longer wearing (I just bought 5 yards of fabric and tie it any way I need to). i had a lying down one and it really was more annoying and not useful for me - more got in the way and was bulky, so I sold it. i did like my baby bjorn, but it hurt my back way too soon when they grew. easy in and out, though, which is nice. the ergo is supposed to be nicer to their spines and goes up to 40 lbs, front and back. my friend gina wore her 2 year old on her back even at 38 weeks pregnant and said it was easy! she's loving it now with her 3 weeks old, too!

MSF said...

every morning when i wake up at 3-4, I pray that you are sleeping and not hungry. :)

Eowyn's Heir said...

Thanks so much for the comment & the prayers. Lately I've actually been sleeping through my early-morning feeding time; maybe it's your prayers! :)

I thought the ergo looked really cool online, for all the reasons you said. I just didn't know if it was advertising or if it was really better. Let me know how you like it!

blythe said...

I just got an Ergo a few months ago. I've only used it a couple times and it seemed comfortable... I haven't tried it lately since any pressure on my tummy makes me feel nauseated. I like the flexibility of being able to back or front carry, and that if you buy the infant insert (which I'm probably going to make for baby #2), you can use the Ergo to carry a newborn.

I do like ring slings (you can make your own), although I had some back issues with that from not alternating the wrap to wear on different sides of my body. Ring slings are great, especially for younger babies!

Hope you're doing well! Can't wait to see your newbie. :-)