Friday, November 20, 2009

Wiggling & Waving

I haven't posted a video of our darling in a while, and she's grown so much! Wednesday (before she got sick, obviously) she was just waving and smiling and being so cute that I got some footage. You can enjoy it now too!

We're starting to get more communication. I am learning to distinguish between a "tired" fussy cry and a "feed-me" hunger cue. I already know her "I'm in pain!" cry all too well. Lately all her cries have been pathetic "Mom I hurt all over" little cries; even the ones telling me it's time for her to eat a little more. :( On her end, she's maintaining eye contact for long stretches, following us and objects with her eyes, and grinning or responding otherwise to us. When I leave the room and she's alone, she'll usually protest, if not at first, then eventually, but if I call out to her, she immediately quiets down and is ok for a little longer. When we're out, she is very good so long as she has someone to watch. She loved the airports, for instance! And now she's learning to coo and that's fun to do back!

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