Friday, November 20, 2009

Reminder of Why to Read the Bible

I recently realized that sermons by my former youth pastor, Bill White (once commonly known as "Will Bite" for good reason!), are available online for free! He's now a pastor at Grace Church, in Greenville SC, and preaches there pretty regularly. I used to say he had "Mona Lisa Eyes" when he preaches-- the kind that seem to look you, yes YOU right in the eyes, no matter where you sit or how you fidgit. At least that's how it felt to me as a troubled middle schooler and later a teen hungry for God's Word. You can't quite capture those piercing, kind eyes over the internet, but I've lately been enjoying hearing his familiar voice preach the sweet Word as I bake, cook, or nurse a baby. This sermon, "Loving the Unseen Jesus" (part of the 1 Peter- Living As Foreigners series) was particularly good to me today as a reminder of why reading my Bible is wonderful, worthy, and rewarding. Listen to it and may you be moved towards our unseen Jesus and His Word, too!

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