Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Noah will be 2 on Friday, and he is as energetic as his sister. While his verbal skills leave a bit to be desired, he makes his desires and opinions CLEARLY known via his own language, Screech, and personal sign language. He loves to sort, stack, and store objects, which is very handy when it comes to cleaning up. He also loves puzzles already, and whatever else Hannah happens to be doing at the time! He is very affectionate, with THE best, most contagious all-out laugh! He loves babies, especially his sister, getting so concerned when they cry, and being surprisingly gentle with them. He would come up and get right on Eowyn's level if she was fussing, and say in a sweet voice "Hi! Hi! Hi!" to try and comfort her. He also would try to give her a Noah-kiss by putting his head against hers, but we discouraged this due to his flu-i-ness.

Noah's Words:

--coo-kee (cookie)
--mo' (more)-- often combined with "pees" for "mo' pees!" (more please)
--cah!! (car)
--unk ooo (thank you)
--ushh (fish)
--pashee (paci- his pacifier... his favorite one is, wait for it, pink with a strawberry on it!)
--bay-buh or bay-bee (baby)
Any other concepts are communicated through pointing and/or screeching.

He understands pretty much everything you tell him, and can complete very simple 2-step instructions, which is really good for his age! Most challenging has become his new 3-step approach to tantrums: 1. screech 2.stop/kick (or wave his feet if they can't reach anything stompable) 3. grab paci and throw it-- if it's missing, just grab cheek and glare menancingly. It's quite hilarious to think back on later, but not funny in the moment. He is showing himself to be every bit as strong-willed as his sister! You'll notice he doesn't say 'yes' or 'no'-- the 'no' is made manifest through tantrums/screeching, and the 'yes' through a huge grin and even huger nod!

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