Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's just not about the turkey...

"There is no room for bitterness in a thankful heart." of my pastors through the years (when I get home & back to my quote books, I'll be able to tell you which one)

Everything we have has been given to us. We -I- deserve none of it. I read in Harry Potter Should Have Died a line about "redemption through good works is one of the key tenets of Christianity" and almost choked. It's absolutely NOT!! It's the total opposite, actually!! We are saved despite all our BAD works, and then once changed want to do good works. We do good works because we're redeemed, not to get there. Quite the contrary, we know we get every good thing on another-- Jesus'-- merit. So we should be the most humble, and thankful, people on the planet!

And Ryan & I are very thankful. One of our biggest thanks is lying in my lap right now, very happy because she's just eaten... Must go tend to her!

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