Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For those of you who love the Powells & are wondering what their kids are like, the following is a brief series detailing each of their precious little ones. First comes Hannah, who just turned 4.

I think this picture quite captures her personality: she is very smart, full of energy, talkative, and girly. She loves jewelry (pronounced "jew-ler-y")-- the last time I saw her, she had on 7 necklaces at once-- crafts, and stickers, and would wear a church dress every day if she could. She also loves accessories; chapstick, stickers, fun shoes (be they flip-flops, boots or jellies) and bags. She tried to convince her parents that she needed 3 backpacks to take me to the airport on Monday. She is ALWAYS thinking, looking for any loophole to turn to her advantage, listening when you think she isn't, and eager for a good story. She's quite a verbal little girl, and will be reading in no time flat. She gives her parents-- especially her mom-- a run for their money, being very strong-willed and innovative in her testing of limits. She also frequently tries to give her brother away, so as you can imagine, doesn't exactly play nicely with him most of the time. However, she does love her baby sister (and now "teeny-tiny-Eowynny-weeny-win" too) very much.
Hannah quotes of the week:
-- upon hearing Val & I discussing what we might do or eat "later":*sigh* "Later means after bed-time."
-- Me: "Hannah, Mommy just told you to stay upstairs" Hannah, counting the stairs she had gone down: "Well, four steps is mostly upstairs." Me, dropping my voice an octave: "Hannah..." Hannah: skitters upstairs
--to cousin Judy, on hearing her say Noah was cute: "Well, would you like to take him away with you?"
-- Val to Noah: "Noah, are you about to throw a temper tantrum?" Hannah: "Oh yes, he is!"
-- on the way to take me to Buffalo: "We're on our way to pick-- hmm-- to un-pick Aunt Christina at the airport.

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