Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two Months!!

I can't believe it's been two whole months since you were born, darling!! People ask us what we call you... besides Éowyn, there are a whole host of names for you: Munchkin, Cutikins, Chunk, Chunky Monkey, Punkin', Punkinbutt, Enna G, E, Enna Grace, Lovey, Sweetheart, Precious, Baby Girl, Little One, Hunny-Bunny, Darlin', and Honey. Both Daddy & I love to hold you and look at you, and just marvel at your general cuteness. We can't believe you're really here, in our arms for your whole life, and that you are so fearfully & wonderfully made!! And we aren't the only ones to take great joy from your existence-- especially your grins and smiles and stretches; your grandparents, aunts, uncles and many other devoted fans also find you adorable. We all are so thankful to God for you.

You're learning so many things-- how to put your lower lip waaay out (melting our hearts), how to suck your fist noisily, how to wave & kick even better, how to stick out your tongue, how to take your medicine without gagging, how to follow us with your eyes (and look surprised if we suddenly disappear behind a pillow), how to grin & make all sorts of cute faces, how to nurse effectively, how to go to sleep on your own very well, and how to push out with your legs (quite strongly; often you actually stand up against my shoulder). You seem to have been born knowing how to delight many and charm all. You love to watch people, your big blue eyes peeping over my shoulder or out of your carriers; you were so good in airports, just taking everything in! Your eyes are the first thing people comment on when they see you. People also often mention your skill at holding up your head... and then they always say you are "so big!" once they find out how old you are! You are getting chubbier and longer, and we love it! I have to pick up both of your chins off your neck to fasten bibs on you now. Your bows (never over-large, don't worry) and earrings are also a subject of much admiration. I try to keep you dressed cutely, but you make even a onesie adorable.

You really have come to like baths, and they make you sleep reallllly well afterwards. You're mastering the 3-hour feed-wake-sleep cycle, and for the past week or so you've slept 6 hrs at a time a night (yipee!!). You still get really frustrated when milk comes out too fast, but neither do you like a bottle whose nipple is too small (making milk come out slower)-- I guess you're used to being nearly drowned while eating. We usually have to keep patting your back or bottom as you eat; without this distraction you often scream and refuse to eat, probably because you associate it with pain from your reflux. Your reflux has been much better, though, since we've started giving you herbal medicine 2-3 times a day instead of just once.

This month you've weathered your first sickness, first ER visit, first flight, first international travel, and first road trip! You really do NOT like the carseat, unfortunately... but you are starting to take a paci more reliably, which helps.

We love you and can't wait to spend the next two months with you, and all the ones after that!

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