Sunday, November 01, 2009

Modeling Family Togetherness

You know, the family that plays together stays together, right? Ryan & I had fun putting together our costumes for our church's Fall Party this year. It was minimal sewing, and I got a few props at the dollar store. I have a bag of stained baby clothes that we had to take out of the Clothes Closet at church, so that's where I got material for Eowyn's clothes. See more fall fun pictures here.
And this is yet another reason why Ryan & I were so evidently made for one another. I'm so thankful I have a hubby who enjoys dressing up and being thought a bit crazy as much as I do! :) We just COULDN'T let his long hair go to waste when there are so many wonderful costumes that call for luxurious locks!!


RoBanJo said...

Did you run into Favio in the mall?

Ryan Szrama said...

Yeah, bout knocked him over!