Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Abigail is 6 mos. old and the size of a 9 month old. She is the most sweet-tempered baby I've ever met, even when sick or tired. She's usually content to play on the floor, rolling around to get what she wants to grab, or to be in her exersaucer. Either way all she needs are a few toys, clothing items, or pieces of paper to eat. :) She doesn't always take her bottles well, which means she still has trouble getting the sleeping-through-the-night thing worked out, much to her mother's chagrin. But she's so pleasant and easy-going, not to mention downright adorable, that it's easy to forget that. She will smile back at anyone who smiles at her, with the biggest, sweetest grin that you've ever seen behind a pacifier. And despite her drive to explore everything by devouring it, she doesn't fuss if someone takes away her prey. And yes, she has manlier pacis than her brother.

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