Saturday, December 26, 2009

3 Months Old

Weight: Dec. 25th 2009- 13.5 lbs

Height: ? solidly in 3-6 mos. clothing; long arms and legs, getting more chub around the thighs and everywhere else!

Milestones: began sleeping through the night (down at 9, dream feed at 11, on until morning around 6:30!), begins to enjoy books and toys (like the arch over her bouncy seat), noticed her own hands (Dec 24th), first Christmas!

Skills: holding head up while being carried & pushing up for small amounts of time while on tummy, following an object with her eyes, grasping & tugging, moving fingers independantly (she went through a pointing phase), sucking fist, "running" in place while seated or "swimming" while on her tummy, vocalizing other than crying, moving her eyebrows into unbelievably adorable expressions. Also amazingly prolific spit-ups.

What I seem to like: walks in my stroller; my warm bath (while I'm in it); napping on my tummy; nursing while Mommy is standing or walking; being up on people's shoulders; being patted with a firm back pat; standing up with help; looking at books, especially the Eric Carle Brown Bear Brown Bear type; people to watch, especially other babies or older children; taking my tummy medicine; napping on Great Grandpa Presley's shoulder.

What I definitely do NOT appreciate: burps that won't come out; airplane landings; getting out of the bath; having my nose messed with; being thrust into my Bumpo or play mats

What people say about me: "What amazing big blue eyes!" "Such an alert little thing!" "Oh, she's so serious!"

Visitors/People Met for the First Time: All of Daddy's co-workers at Commerce Guys in Jackson, MI; lots of the Drupal community at Do It with Drupal Conference in New Orleans; Tia Nicole; great-aunts & uncles Ruiz-- Tia Olga & Tio Steve (also known as GTO and GUS), Tia Sylvia & Uncle Joe, Tia LM & Uncle Lance; great-grandparents Ruiz, aka Mama Lulu & Papirucho; and Mommy's cousins-- "tios" Heath, Derek and Ian, "tia" Adri, and Courtney, Andrew and Justin. Also"Aunt" Melissa Roberts and "Aunt" Christina Davison (my college roomie!) and "Uncle" Kyle. I have quite the extended family. :) Oh well, what do you expect? I'm half-Hispanic and half of that is Thompson!

Outings: family trips to Jackson, MI; New Orleans, LA; Greenville, SC and Canton, GA! Visited the Audobon Aquarium in New Orleans and the French Quarter, riding a streetcar and a ferry. Visited Nana & Poppy Elder's house and Nina & GB's house.

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