Saturday, December 05, 2009

P.S. Great Info

p.s. I just found a better link to that Dr. Miller article "A User- Friendly Approach to Vaccinations" on the Generation Rescue website. Actually, as I look at this website I really like a lot of what they have posted! These are parents, not doctors, but they're not stupid with a bone to pick, either. I really like their 3 suggestions for vaccine schedules, for instance. I plan on printing out their "Vaccine Safety" page for my pediatrician (along with the Miller article and several others I've gotten). They say everything I'd want to say better than I could say it! :)

p.p.s. my friend Jacqui has raised the question of the HiB & Pc vaccines, which both are supposed to protect against meningitis. I'll be looking into adding these to our schedule, because meningitis is so deadly to little ones, and comes on fast, looking like the flu. More on this soon...

**Please note that I am NOT a doctor, and even if I were, each parent must decide what is best for their child(ren). My goal is to make your job easier by doing some research & explanation leg-work for you. If, after reading & researching on your own, you disagree with any/all of what I say, that's totally fine!!! I will still be your friend. ;)**

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