Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Home is Where the Pack'n'play Is

Well, Ryan had a sort-of-unexpected business trip up to his brick-and-mortar office in Jackson, Michigan (where he'd never been). He is a partner of Commerce Guys, a web-developing company, meaning that he can (and does) work from anywhere. But as 3 of his co-workers live in Jackson, this is where their physical office is. Since I can, I came with him! We didn't even unpack from our Thanksgiving trip, but took Monday morning to do errands, and then took off! E & I have enjoyed our time just taking it easy in our hotel room (where I have an internet connection so I can do Nicole's wedding stuff and Christmas presents and...), and walking around downtown Jackson. We found an awesome little coffee shop (with freebies for newbies!), and enjoyed an evening walk around several cool churches and little shops.

As I walked back into the coffee shop, wearing my short black pea coat & wire-rimmed glasses, holding my cloth-diapered daughter in an Ergo carrier, and carrying a laptop in one hand and a bottle of ginger kombucha in the other, I thought... "what sort of parental/generational category do I fit into? The nerd-green-homemaker? A cross between neo-pioneer and urbanite? Left in terms of environmental conscientiousness, right in terms of home-maker-ness, and just young intellectualish to top it off?" Hmmm.... what "kind" of a mom am I?

**"Kombucha is a bubbly, tangy, effervescent drink. It is a handmade Chinese Tea that is delicately cultured for 30 days. It is fermented like yogurt, kimchi, kefir, and sauerkraut. It is completely raw - it is alive with active enzymes from healthy yeast and bacteria.
It contains liver detoxifiers, antioxidants, polyphenols, probiotics, and free-form amino acids. It burns body fat, stimulates metabolism, soothes digestion, help alkalize the body's ph, improves liver function, strengthens the immune system, promotes healthy skin and hair. It is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal (i.e. candida) so it helps support a healthy body. It is also said to boost our immune system and help fight disease, even serious ones. [...] It is not pastuerized, contains no sugar or corn syrups nor artificial sweeteners, no caffeine, and no preservatives."


Wakenda said...

Wow, I'm surprised you're braving kombucha with Eowyn's reflux. Especially as it falls under several of these categories: PAGER's Possible Reflux Food Triggers

Sharon / Markus said...

So funny. Know how you feel. I love mixing and matching cultures and taking the best from all (in my mind anyway. : ) Since your "so close" I'm expecting you to come to tea. ; ) - SRJ

Eowyn's Heir said...

Sharon- are you really at all close to Jackson? If I'd'a known, I WOULD have come to visit!

Kendi- I'm not sure which trigger category you were thinking for kombucha... it is sort of a tea, but it isn't caffeinated or alcholic or carbonated. Actually, adults often use kombucha to help cure or treat reflux, since it gets digestive issues back on track, so I'd guess that if anything it would help my breastmilk be more palatable? It's kind of like super-strength yogurt with B-family vitamins.

Wakenda said...

Actually kombucha is fermented tea with sugar or honey. The fermentation by definition creates alcohol from the sugars present (amount depends on time fermented). It is cautioned about and sometimes used by recovering alcoholics as a stepping stone, kind of like nicotine gum to smokers. It is made with green tea, which is caffeinated, and since you had a ginger one, I'm assuming that means it contained some of that spice as well. It is also a higly acidic beverage. All of these things are possible reflux triggers depending on the individual. So I was simply surprised that you were drinking it with all the possible triggers for Eowyn. Concerning the extra nutrients, some nutritionists are noting that infant digestive systems cannot handle the same amount of probiotics as adults can. More Information