Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Good Ol' Tim Keller

One of my favorite preachers, Dr. Timothy Keller, just got featured in a NY Magazine article entitled "Tim Keller Wants to Save Your Yuppie Soul." I enjoy and am edified by Keller every time I hear or read him, for the exact things this article outlines. If you've never heard him, go to sermons.redeemer.com and download one of the free sermons immediately! You will NOT be disappointed! Along those lines,

Advent Day 3:
The Story of the Lamb
, a sermon from Exodus 12 by Tim Keller. It would work just as well for Easter as for Christmas, because the two events are nigh inseparable-- Jesus was born as a man for only one reason, and that was because God in the form of god couldn't save us. You have to have flesh and blood to pay for sin by bleeding and dying. Christmas is the first step on the road to Calvary. And if we don't understand that, then we'll leave Jesus in the Christmas card and have a sweet sappy pointless story. We will totally miss "peace on earth and good will to men on whom His favor rests," because that was bought with blood.

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Amy Donell Molina said...

Chistina... what's your take on vaccinations???

Jillian's already got her first round... but I'm debating weather or not to follow up so quickly with her second round in a couple of weeks.