Friday, December 04, 2009

Fun While It's Cold

It was our first really cold day here in Louisville. While Eowyn & I did go out & about in it-- to the Clothes Closet, giving friends a ride, going for a well-baby checkup-- we spent the bulk of the afternoon staying warm up in our bedroom. She played and slept, and I cleaned & sewed.

I made a little Christmas present for Abby (7 mos. old) -- a blanket made specifically to be chewed upon, since that's currently her MO for life in general. Eowyn received a store-made one as a baby gift, and I thought I'd do a variation on that theme for Abby. I am quite pleased with how it turned out, and will probably be making more! I used different textures (and colors) for the "tags" around the edges-- nice & slidy (like the tags babies love to chew), soft flannel, crisp ribbon, and thick cotton. The front is 1/2 soft flannel, 1/2 smooth cotton, and the back is a smooth material that was used to make one of my formal dresses.

An exciting event today is that I think Eowyn tried to get my attention! I was nursing her lying down in bed this morning, and my eyes were closed. All of a sudden I heard a "guh!" and opened my eyes to find her staring straight at me. As soon as my eyes opened she grinned! It seemed like she wanted me to look at her and was trying out her voice as a means to do that! =D

Weight: 11 lbs 11 oz (75th %tile)
Height: 23" (50th %tile)

Doctor Corba says she's looking great and everything seems to be on schedule! We'll see him again in early February for her 4-month visit!

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