Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 2 in N'Awlins; the French Quarter-- Wed. Dec 9th

The day was gloriously warm, and sunny! I always feel like I MUST go outside at least a little when the day is nice, otherwise it's like ignoring a perfectly beautiful gift from God! (It amazes me that He puts so much glory into sunrises & sunsets, both of which happen DAILY around the world! And how often are they appreciated?) Anyway, Eowyn & I walked down Royal St. all the way to the French Market, going through Jackson Square, stopping in several shops, and perusing the market. I bought a praline as my local snack, and E & I sat for a little in a park and listened to jazz Christmas carols. It was funny to me to see all the Christmas decorations when it felt like early autumn!

French Market, Old & New

Inside the church, there are flags of all the nations that have ever governed New Orleans.

I thought that was a cool mini-timeline of the city's history.

A copy of King Louis' bible is in the catholic church in Jackson Square-- I think this is a gloss of the Apostle Paul's life, near as I could tell.

I found some postcards, got Nicole & Colin a little bit of their wedding present, and bought Eowyn's Christmas presents at this WONDERFUL little toy store right off Jackson Square. I contemplated the museums and the Tabasco shop, but opted instead on sitting in on Ryan's session. I got to hear a bit before my darling parasite got hungry. :)

We had dinner on the top floor of the hotel-- amazing view & lots of willing arms to hold our precious one! And the food-- shrimp & grits, chocolate-coated strawberries, bananas foster, cheese & grapes-- was AMAZING! So many GF SF options, too! I was quite satisfied!

This fellow programmer, Kendrick, is from B.C. and DROVE down to New Orleans! He was sooo sweet with Eowyn-- I think he was missing his own little guy. :)

We turned in a bit late; very tired, but happy. The day had brought good feedback & interaction for Ryan, and I'd enjoyed meeting people over lunch & snacks & during Ryan's session. The Drupal community is amazingly tight-knit, especially when you consider the diversity & internationality of its members!

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